Income Potentials

Income Potentials

Change pays

A very profitable brand!

MERIGION has tremendous income potentials;

Name Cost of Development Revenue Operating Income
The King's Playhouse $18.5million $26.6million $7.6million
Aquariana $33.5million $33.8million $9.6million
The Arc $28.5million $37.4million $10.7million
Manor $30million $28.3million $8.1million
Millenia $30million $28.3million $8.1million
Sands $30million $22.6million $6.5million
Extragavanza $75million $80.6million $23million
Pleasure City $75million $73.9million $21.1million
Amore $150million $141million $40.3million
Galore $250million $246.3million $70.7million

By joining Merigion you sit on the greatest development in Nigerian Hospitality and its best investment opportunity.



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