Project Execution

Project Execution

The Art of Creation

We are assembling wonderful partnerships to ensure the success of Merigion!

The task of building the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria is both a concept and execution challege.

Below are the tools targeted at the execution of Merigion;

LIVEN Capital

LIVEN Capital Logo


We are the developer, arranger and managers of Merigion.

LIVEN Capital is a company created to foster rapid social-economic development in Nigeria. We build socially sustainable and economically viable enterprises, taking advantage of the best aspects of capitalism to create social solutions thereby maintaining a blend that allows for incredibly lucrative businesses that can stand the test of time.

We invest and develop businesses in Agriculture, Hospitality, Health Care, Transportation, Media, Education and Real Estate.

We create synergies between Idea, Resources, Manpower and Financial Capital to build efficient and scaled enterprise that will herald the rise of a new Nigeria. Ensuring returns for our investors and the greater society.

Merigion's Interim Management Team

Interim Management

Interim Management

The interim management team is a special team we have created to guide the development and initial management of Merigion. They are experts in their field, led by Elsee Achukwu who holds a BA in Hotel Management  and a MBA in Human Resources Management both from Golden Gate University (San Francisco, CA USA). She has a strong career in both human resources and hotel management with stints at the Days Inn Hotels, Oz Club and the 5 Star Westin St. Francis Hotel, arguably the biggest hotel in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

This is a 12 member team with 5 executives including Marketing, Human Resource, Customer Relations and Product development professionals, who are further supported by a 7 member team of professionals including design, legal, engineering and operational assistants.

The combined team is directly supervised and assisted by the CEO of LIVEN Capital in direct service to the Merigion Brand.

CCECC (China Civil Engineering and Construction Company)

China Civil Engineering and Construction Company


CCECC (China Civil Engineering and Construction Company) is a well respected global construction firm, their developments include residences, commercial towers and resorts.

All over Nigeria they are responsible for the construction of many high profile and advanced technology project including the Nigerian Communications Commission HQ - Abuja, Games Village - a $50million project which houses 148 units of housing in Abuja, The 10 Lane Lagos Abidjan Expressway - an international roadway and the largest road project in Nigerian, among others.

They are responsible for projects in China, Nigeria, Poland, Russia etc including the 8 story Russia Pacific Hotel which some similarities to our King’s Playhouse development.

They bring global knowledge and sourcing capacity coupled with a great understanding of the Nigeria marketplace and working environment.

Play In Architecture

Play In Architecture


PLAY IN ARCHITECTURE is an indigenous Design/Build Firm that has been pushing the boundaries of Architecture in Nigeria. They create breath-taking masterpieces.

Their projects are mainly residential and we selected them in our push to built a resort that feels like a home. Play provides conceptual sketches, 3D design, translations to Architectural models and construction supervision support.

Their approach to architecture plays with lights, levels, windows, spaces, stairs and everything else in a development inorder to create something innovative and unique. Their projects include works for Property Mart |Grenadines | The Royal Sanderton Group | Haven Homes etc.

They bring additional professional oversight, review, inspiration and implementation support for our innovative ambitions, infusing experience to our creative zeal.

Portofino & Lifestyle Ltd

Portofino and Lifestyle


PORTOFINO & LIFESTYLE LIMITED is a renowned lifestyle building company whose projects include State Houses, Corporate Head Offices, Residential Mansions for some of the countries must respected personalities and also resort developments including Summerset Continental and Transcorp Hilton in Abuja.

It is a respected operator in both Nigeria and Italy.

They bring a superior understanding of Interiors with a great understanding of the Nigerian elite and upper middle class. They also bring a great understanding of global standards and modern approaches for both luxurious design and durable low maintenance implementation.

JP Morgan Chase

jp morgan chase


JP Morgan Chase is a global powerhouse in banking and is a leader in investment banking, underwriting and marketing.

They bring superior access to global finance.

GT Bank

gt bank


GT Bank is an African powerhouse in banking and is a leader in investment banking, underwriting and marketing.

They bring superior access to local finance.

Banwo & Ighodalo


Banwo & Ighodalo is a top 5 ranked Nigerian Law Firm. It houses 7 partners with more than 40 lawyers. They provide services for public and private companies, governments, Nigerian and foreign investors, financial institutions, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms. They are experts who are respected among their piers.

Ranked as a leading Nigerian law firm in the areas of Capital Markets, Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Project Finance, Foreign Investment & Divestment and Intellectual Property. They are well tested in Commercial Litigation.

They bring a reliable legal representative, seasoned council and global understanding which allows confidence in our operations.

Even More


Additonal Partners/Co-operators/Contractors

GE (General Electric) provides power solutions that allow us full independence from the Nigeria power infrastructure, guarantying 99.7% uptime.

AMENITIES/STORES our amenities and stores will have support from seasoned operators including Hugo Boss, 24Hour Fitness, Elephant Bar, Bath and Body Works, Nike Art etc.


We are ready, are you? INVEST



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